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Rawat Handicrafts is a quality-oriented enterprise assuring excellent services giving personal attention and timely deliveries. We run our business on the basis of innovation, style and exquisiteness. All our products such as Beaded Necklaces, Designer Scarves, Fashion Handbags, Ladies Footwear, Costume Anklets, etc., are of international standards and have achieved highest standards prevalent in industry. We are committed to deliver customized solutions from design options to finished goods. At every step, we incorporate techniques to ensure that our clients get low tolerances, top class quality and high output. We claim to have high quality products conforming to international standards.

Our main mission is to achieve a concrete success in the industry and build the 'Brand Image' of the company beyond the heights. We are continuously trying to achieve our goal of being one among the fortune companies and provide the maximum customer satisfaction. We are moving ahead with our products that are capable of changing the trends of the life styles.